These flavorful dinner recipes can help you stay full and satisfied for the rest of the night. Plant-based ingredients like dark leafy greens, root vegetables, legumes and whole grains give these dishes at least 6 grams of filling fiber per serving to help support heart health, gut bacteria and balanced blood sugar levels. Plus, these high-fiber meals are made with sodium-conscious ingredients and low amounts of saturated fats to fit a diabetes-appropriate eating pattern. Recipes like our Rotini with Creamy Pumpkin Pasta Sauce and Vegetarian Mushroom Paprikash are satiating, nutritious and veggie-packed dinners you’re sure to love.

Lemony Lentil & Chard Soup

Photography / Nico Schinco, Food Styling / Frances Boswell, Prop Stylist / Paige Hicks

This satisfying lemony bowlful was inspired by the lentil soup served at the now-closed Lebanese restaurant La Shish in West Bloomfield, Michigan. It keeps well but will thicken, so you may want to thin it with a bit of water or broth when reheating. Serve with warm whole-wheat pita.

Rotini with Creamy Pumpkin Pasta Sauce

Will Dickey

This creamy pumpkin pasta sauce, spiked with fresh herbs and Parmesan cheese, is a great fall alternative to traditional tomato-based sauce. Here, we serve it with pasta, but it can also be used on pizza or as a dipping sauce alongside fresh-baked breadsticks.

Creamy Spinach Orzo

Photography / Caitlin bensel, Food Styling / Emily Nabors Hall, Prop Styling / Julia Bayless

This creamy spinach orzo pasta dish is light, quick and easy. The fresh basil truly shines through and complements the spinach in this vegetarian pasta dinner.

Vegetarian Mushroom Paprikash

Meaning “with paprika” in Hungarian, paprikash is a creamy spiced stew traditionally made with meat. We’ve chosen mushrooms to give this vegetarian paprikash a hearty bite. Using a mix of varieties gives you a good spectrum of textures and flavors.

Ful Medames (Stewed Fava Beans)

Jenny Huang

Ful (or fool) medames is a dish of seasoned mashed fava beans topped with raw vegetables. While it’s prepared in homes across the Middle East, it’s considered to be the national dish of Sudan. This recipe hails from Rocky Mountain Sudanese in Aurora, Colorado. Serve with warm pita bread for scooping.

Vegetarian Chopped Power Salad with Creamy Cilantro Dressing

Brie Passano

This healthy vegetarian salad recipe features chickpeas and quinoa for a boost of protein. Cilantro adds color and flavor when blended to make a creamy dressing. Serve this cold salad for lunch or dinner.

Green Goddess Sandwich

Victor Protasio

This green goddess sandwich is a fresh and satisfying sandwich. The dressing packs a flavorful punch with capers and lemon juice. The cucumber and sprouts add nice crunch, and the seasoned avocado brings in the creaminess.

Roasted Brussels Sprouts Pasta with Lemon

Jennifer Causey

This Brussels sprouts pasta features roasted Brussels sprouts for a boost of flavor. The char of the sprouts is balanced by lemon juice for a bright, healthy pasta dish. If you can’t find whole-wheat fusilli, regular fusilli is an easy substitution.

Cajun-Spiced Tofu Tostadas with Beet Crema

Photographer / Jacob Fox, Food styling / Sue Mitchell, Food Styling / Kelsey Bulat

Crumbled tofu spiced up with Cajun seasoning is layered onto these tostadas with a juicy mango slaw. A dollop of sour cream zhuzhed up with beet and lime adds even more flavor. Look for precooked beets in the produce department of your grocery store.

Tofu, Mushroom & Bok Choy Soba Noodle Bowls

Greg DuPree

Soba noodles are made with whole-grain buckwheat, upping the fiber count in these brothy bowls and adding nutty flavor. Thick and chewy udon noodles make a good alternative.

Chickpea Pasta with Mushrooms & Kale

Greg DuPree

Loading up your pasta with vegetables like the kale and mushrooms here is not only delicious, it also makes the meal more satisfying.

Butternut Squash & Black Bean Enchiladas

Greg DuPree

A crisp, citrusy slaw contrasts nicely with the enchiladas’ creamy squash filling.

Pantry Peanut Noodles

Jacob Fox

Choose your own adventure with these noodles! They’re delicious with peanut butter and tahini alike. Plus, you can use whatever frozen vegetables you have on hand and finish the dish off with any herbs still thriving in your garden or hanging out in your crisper.

Cauliflower Fajita Skillet

Jacob Fox

Thinly sliced cauliflower florets mimic the signature shape of fajita meat in this dish. We cook it in a cast-iron skillet for that tableside sizzle you’d get at a restaurant.

Beet, Mandarin & Farro Salad

Greg DuPree

Chef Jose “JoJo” Ruiz serves up sustainable seafood in “coastal cuisine”—featuring Mediterranean flavors like the combo of citrus, feta and parsley here—at his San Diego restaurants Lionfish and Serēa. Multicolored beets make this farro salad a pretty addition to any table, but if you’re short on time, store-bought cooked beets (found in the refrigerated produce section) are just as delicious here.

Farro & Vegetable Bowls with Lemon-Shallot Herb Sauce

Photographer: Greg DuPree, Food Stylist: Martgaret Dickey Prop Stylist: Kay Clarke

These hearty grain bowls make the perfect lunch or dinner. You can use any assortment of roasted vegetables you like. The herb sauce adds brightness, while chopped pistachios provide crunch. Use any leftover sauce as a spread on a sandwich or drizzle over fried eggs.

Skillet Mac & Cheese with Zucchini & Pimiento

Jacob Fox

Sweet and mild pimiento peppers add a little zest to this skillet mac and cheese, while zucchini boosts the veggie count. Here we boil the pasta a little less than usual, until just shy of al dente, so it doesn’t overcook in the oven.

Tomato, Corn & Basil Spaghetti Salad

Fred Hardy

This bright spaghetti salad makes the most of summer produce. Zucchini and corn get charred on the grill, while cherry tomatoes add freshness and color. Tossing the pasta in the tangy lemon-feta vinaigrette while it’s warm helps it absorb the flavors better. Serve this pasta as a vegetarian main or serve alongside grilled chicken or shrimp.

Farro Risotto with Mushrooms & Greens

Greg DuPree

Guests who choose to wander around Oak Hill Café in Greenville, South Carolina, know that chef David Porras has his own farm out back. This dish is a tasty way he uses up stems from leafy greens, flowers from bolted herbs, and other odds and ends from his copious beds.

Vegan Quinoa Chili

Photographer / Antonis Achilleos, Prop Stylist / Christine Kelly, Food Stylist / Karen Rankin

This light but filling vegan quinoa chili is packed with fresh veggies, with quinoa and black beans adding protein and fiber. Complete this easy one-pot dinner with vegan cheese, dairy-free yogurt or your favorite chili toppings.

Buffalo Chickpea Salad

Photographer: Rachel Marek, Food stylist: Lauren McAnelly

We took all the flavors you know and love from Buffalo wings and used them in this plant-based chickpea salad. Celery adds a satisfying crunch, while blue cheese provides a cooling element to balance the spicy sauce. Serve on top of leafy greens or use as a sandwich filling.

Cast-Iron Personal Veggie Pizza

Ali Redmond

These mini pizzas are a quick and healthy way to enjoy this classic dish. Packed with plenty of veggies, and using a quick homemade sauce and dough, you get a complete meal and a perfect pizza portion that also works great as an option for leftovers.

Fusilli with Green Sauce & Burst Cherry Tomatoes

Photographer: Greg DuPree, Food Stylist: Martgaret Dickey Prop Stylist: Kay Clarke

This vegetarian dinner is packed with flavor, thanks to a lemon-herb shallot sauce. The herbaceous green sauce uses plenty of fresh herbs, including cilantro, dill and parsley. Use any leftover sauce as a dressing for grain bowls and salads.

Watermelon Poke Bowl

Brittany Conerly

This vegetarian poke bowl swaps out fish for watermelon that soaks up a savory marinade of tamari, garlic and ginger. Black rice adds texture, crispy cucumber and edamame round out the bowl, and a spicy mayo drizzle ties it all together.

Sheet-Pan Sweet Potato Fajitas

Greg Dupree

These vegetarian sheet-pan sweet potato fajitas are mild and tender with a little bit of char from the broiler. The colorful toppings add freshness and texture.

Winter Greens Bowl

Ali Redmond

This one-pan meal packs in lots of plant-based protein and flavor thanks to beans and quinoa, while a creamy lemon-garlic dressing completes the dish.

Roasted Red Pepper & Peanut Soup with Crispy Spiced Chickpeas

Andrea Mathis

Feeling stressed after a busy day? Unwind with a bowl of this comforting soup, which contains ingredients—like red bell peppers and peanuts—that can help combat inflammation caused by too much stress.

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